Looking to purchase a tree? Look right here.

It is essential that you go to a reputable firm to purchase your new tree to ensure that it will thrive for years to come. Trees are sold in several forms in Minnesota nurseries and garden centers:

1. Containerized/container grown: The roots of a containerized plant should be firmly established in the container. Containerized plants are the most widely sold plant material in nurseries and garden centers today.

2. Balled and burlapped (B&B): B&B plants are dug when dormant and are then held for planting throughout the season. The soil ball around the roots of a B&B plant is normally held in place by burlap and twine or a wire basket.

3. Field-potted: Field potted refers to plants that are grown in the field, then dug and placed in a container with the field soil intact around the root ball.

4. Bare root/packaged: Bare root plants are normally dug in the fall or spring. The soil is removed from the roots of the plants, and the plants are then held in controlled settings with cool temperatures in high humidity.

5. Online - There are some great tree resources online. Many online business exist who will ship a tree straight to your door. You may consider this option during the holiday season when Christmas tree shopping. The state of Minnesota has a great Christmas Farm Resource to find local Christmas tree vendors. If you are allergic to real trees, you can also have artificial Christmas trees sent online.

Have more questions about what type of tree is right for your soil type or landscape project? To find the tree that is right for you, consult the experts at Minnesota Nursery and Landscape Association (MNLA) member firms. The MNLA has an online directory for Minnesota's garden centers, landscape contractors and designers, tree and flower growers, irrigation contractors, and lawn, tree and garden services. Click here to visit the online directory to find a professional in your area: http://www.gardenminnesota.com/locate_expert.htm.



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