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Rare And Endangered Trees

When a species is endangered, whether in the animal or plant kingdoms, then extinction comes calling. To avert this danger, environmentalists have earmarked some of the rarest endangered tree species across the world, with the main aim

Becoming a forester

  If you’re interested in nature in general, and maybe more specifically in botany, conservation, wildlife and environmental protection, then a career as a forester might just be the thing for you. Getting qualified Depending on how

Bonsai trees

  Cultivating bonsai trees have been popular in the western world for quite a long time now, but it has its roots in old Japanese traditions. This art form revolves around growing tiny trees in small containers,

Tree diversity

Tree diversity Trees are living things. They cannot talk, they do not see or feel things the way we do, neither do they breathe like we do. But they are alive, and they grow. Not only do

Plant a tree

Plant a tree Build a house, raise a son, plant a tree. That is how the saying goes, and that is the traditional dream of any man since the beginning of dawn. It is a life goal

Importance of trees

  Importance of trees Trees are simply magnificent. They are so extremely important to us as a species that we just cannot do without them. Not just without them, we need more of them. Trees should be