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Build a house, raise a son, plant a tree. That is how the saying goes, and that is the traditional dream of any man since the beginning of dawn. It is a life goal to plant a tree, not only because it is good for the environment, but for mental reasons as well. Subconsciously, you understand that you have now left a mark on this planet, given back for all you have taken and said ‘thank you’ to the Earth that raised you.

Not all tree planting is about gratitude, however. In forestry, it is done as part of the industry – to ensure that there will be new trees destined to become timber. In landscaping, it’s done to create green spaces within cities and towns, with the added benefit of controlling air pollution. In your own garden, it will be done for decorating – and for leaving something lasting behind.

If you would like to plant a tree, there are a lot of activities out there you could explore, and there are whole groups of people that gather up to plant trees from time to time. Why not do something both social, active, fun and eco-friendly at the same time? Plenty of managers are already using this as a team building exercise, so you should consider it as well since you are already reading this.

Social and environmental benefits of planting a tree

By planting a tree, you will help our planet produce just a little bit more oxygen, and clean the air of pollution a tiny bit extra. That is the beauty of it. You plant a tree, and it will work non-stop for hundreds of years, unless somebody chops it down. If you are in an open work environment, why not suggest some of the ideas has written about outdoor activities for colleagues? It will bring people together, make them more aware of their environment and learn to help each other in order to reach common goals.

Seeds of life

In some toy shops, you can find small wooden boxes with soil and a seed inside. That’s all it takes to get you started. Open the box, pour some water inside, and put it by your window. When the little tree sticks its head up from the ground, you can start thinking about the place you wish to plant it. Make sure you do the planting in good weather; new trees should not be exposed to cold temperatures or heavy rainfall. Different types of trees are available, depending on what region of the world you live in. If you have already bought a place and found the perfect soul mate, it is about time to finish the deal. Get yourself a son, and plant a tree in your backyard. Or join a group of other good spirits and help the world together!

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