The Calming Nature of Trees

There is undoubtedly something very calm and relaxing about being in a forest or a wooded environment. A new holiday industry has evolved around vacations in log cabins and tree houses, as people want to spend time in nature. If you enjoy meditation, you can study forest bathing, which is a Japanese practice to induce relaxation. The simple act of walking through trees, with only the sound of birdsong, quickly calms the mind.

Using Trees to Help Recuperate After Surgery

This may seem a strange idea, but the last thing you need after an operation is to endure the everyday noise and stress of city living. Say, for example, you have decided to treat yourself to confidence boosting ergonomix implants from Motiva. This form of breast augmentation doesn’t require invasive surgery, but you will undoubtedly need a quiet place to recuperate. Strolling through a forest is a lovely form of gentle exercise to get you back on your feet again.

Staying in a Log Cabin

After you have had your ergonomix breast implants, you may wish to hide away for a while as you recover before you reveal your new, improved body shape to others. A log cabin in a forest is the perfect quiet retreat and is much more luxurious than it sounds. It will be warm and cozy, with every modern amenity you could need. Some of them even have private hot tubs, which are a great way to end the day after your woodland walks.

What About a Treehouse?

Climbing trees may not be top of your list after your ergonomix operation, but rest assured, a treehouse will be much removed from being a child’s play area and will be easily accessible. Imagine being surrounded by beautiful trees, looking out over the forest where you may spot local wildlife such as foxes and squirrels. There could be an outdoor seating area where you can relax and let your mind wander, leaving all your stress behind.

Nature is Restorative

Psychologists have long believed that looking at trees will affect your nervous system in a positive way. In fact, just looking at a photo of a tree can have the same effect! Your blood pressure will lower, your pulse rate will slow, and your breathing will become gentle and regular. This is why the Japanese have been advocating forest bathing for centuries. Take the time to explore your local forests and woodlands, and you, too, can benefit from the calming nature of trees.

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