How to Plant and Care for Trees in a Single Click

Taking care of tree nurseries and plantations is a demanding task but very rewarding in the end. Tree planters nurture endangered species by providing conducive habitats in addition to fighting adverse climatic changes. Thankfully, you can plant any tree species with a convenient app known as Planta. The smart application has all the information you need concerning the type of trees you want to grow. You only have to click a computer’s mouse or tap on your smartphone to access the details.

Reasons to Use the Planta App for Tree Planting

Smart gardeners and horticulturalists leverage technology to make their tree growing efforts a breeze. Tree planting with the Planta app doesn’t cost a dime. Simply go to and download it on your smartphone and start taking advantage of this invention. You are in luck because you don’t need to hire an agronomist or any specialist to show you the way once it is on your device. Imagine being able to identify the growth stages of your trees while sipping a cocktail on the beach. It is like having an expert by your side whenever you need them.

We live in an interconnected world of IoT devices where anyone can book a service or buy an item with a single swipe on a tablet while on the go. Nature lovers have also discovered the secrets of planting and caring for trees in the simplest ways possible. With Planta, it takes only a single click to check the watering schedule of your backyard trees or figure out an impending infestation on your forest.

Here are the benefits of using Planta summarized.

  • Time-saving; the ability to find information about trees in one place without perusing manual books
  • Provides quick reminders, e.g. the watering schedule
  • A cost-effective way to care to save the planet
  • Doesn’t annoy with pop up ads

Along with Planta’s technological benefits, you can help create jobs for local communities by planting trees. Plus, you will always be in the know when new hacks for saving Mother Nature come up. How fulfilling it is to cultivate an oak or cedar and monitor their growth while you focus on your daily job. Instead of being occupied with social media notification bells all the time, switch to more sustainable reminders such as when to start a new tree seedling. Don’t forget to write down new ideas you may collect while using Planta.

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