The Importance of Trees and Recycling for the Environment

When you think about ways to protect the environment, most people would think about things such as reducing greenhouse emissions, eco-friendly house designs and having less dependence on fossil fuels. However, it is well-known that planting trees can affect the bio-diversity of the landscape. They absorb harmful carbon dioxide and pollutants such as ozone, which they then store. This helps improve air quality, and slow the rate of global warming. Trees also stabilise the soil and provide sustainable material for houses and tools. What some people may not have considered is the effect of recycling and refurbishing computers.

Recycled MacBooks

There is a company called mResell that specialises in refurbishing Apple MacBooks. They buy old or damaged MacBooks and restore them to full functionality. The items are then resold at a fraction of the cost of a new model and to add icing to the cake all products are supplied with a 12 months warranty for added peace of mind. Their site has full details of many recycled Apple products, and all MacBook models are offered such as the Mac Pro, Mac Mini, MacBook, Mac Air and MacBook Pro.

Refurbished Macs Benefit the Environment

So you can not only buy a cheaper refurbished macbook pro, but you can do your bit towards helping the environment and building a more sustainable future. It is estimated that the business model of mResell has saved the equivalent resources of being able to drive a car around the world over 157 times, heating over 4368 apartments for a year and powering more than 100,000 refrigerators for a year. The company’s services are available in 10 countries, and their current customer satisfaction rating is 4.7/5. They also work with Apple-certified technicians to ensure secure data erasure and professional refurbishment.


For the Apple fan who is also conscious of environmental issues, this is a win-win situation. Trees are undoubtedly necessary for the challenge of global warming and to combat air pollution. However, choosing to purchase recycled and refurbished MacBooks, together with adopting an eco-friendly lifestyle can also help to save the planet we all love.

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