Does a tree care company need an intranet?

With so many companies these days offering remote working, an intranet is a very useful tool for issuing staff with updates and information that they need to do their job. Even for a company such as a tree care business, where staff will be based out on different sites every day, the intranet is a valuable way of providing them with everything that they need.

Using a digital workplace

The intranet can be a digital workplace where staff can log in and see the latest updates on working practices, health & safety, complete their daily time sheets and log reports. It can serve as a central depository for any documents they need to upload or access in the course of their work. Once an intranet has been set up it is easy to use and can be accessed no matter where a person is working providing they have internet access.

Tree care information

There may be some members of staff who are new to tree care, and having a central point where they can access all the theoretical information that they need to learn their new role is an excellent way of starting their training. They can then be trained and tested on the practical aspects of their role by more experienced staff members. This can include points like the equipment that is needed to prune or chop down a tree, or the types of diseases that can affect trees.

Managers can also post local information, such as guidance on any tree diseases that appear to be spreading in a particular neighborhood.

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