Think green – Take care of a tree

Think green – Take care of a tree

There is a funny, but extremely deep and true saying that goes around these days; “If trees produced Wi-Fi, we would plant them literally everywhere. Too bad they only produce the air we breathe.” Trees are the essence of life on earth. We will die without them. Not just us, every single living thing on this planet depends on the trees. Yes, even the deep water fish will never survive unless we take care of the trees. It is all very simple, and you do not need to be a scientist to understand the basics. Trees produce oxygen, which maintains our atmosphere. Without trees, our atmosphere would collapse and our planet would become like Mars or the Moon.

iStock_000090366153_SmallTrees – the central part of our existence

Trees do everything for us, and demand nothing in return. They clean the air we breathe, they provide us with oxygen, they provide millions of different species with a habitat. Trees are the essence of life on this planet, and it does not matter what kind of trees. We could be talking about the taiga, highlands, tropics or the normal continental climate – trees are the central part of our existence here.

Where trees are lacking, problems arise. Just look at the congested cities in Asia. Due to terrible city planning, they forgot to leave space for the trees in many big cities and as a result, there are extremely high levels of pollution in the air. But trees don’t only provide oxygen – they also offer erosion control. The tree rots retain soil and thus help prevent landslides.

Make a difference – plant a tree

Our ecosystem depends on trees, and we depend on the ecosystem to provide us with food and a sustainable environment. Read ancient books and religious works – they all say that every man should plant a tree during his lifetime. This is not just a symbol. If we all planted just one tree during our lifetime, the world would be in a much better shape than it is today. Whole forests are disappearing, something which is a contributing factor to climate change. To preserve our world, we need to take care of our trees.

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