Importance of trees


shadows of trees on yellow fallen leaves

Importance of trees

Trees are simply magnificent. They are so extremely important to us as a species that we just cannot do without them. Not just without them, we need more of them. Trees should be planted in every possible spot, not torn down en masse. We could go on forever telling you about the benefits and importance of trees, but let us just go through the basics.

Trees create oxygen. Without trees, we wouldn’t be able to breathe. It is very simple, and yet we are cutting down millions of trees every year, while at the same time our population is becoming bigger and growing faster. The math is easy – if we do not change our ways, we will not have enough air to breathe.

How trees are saving us

Trees save us from ourselves. Yes, trees clean the pollution we create by using cars, and clean the soil we throw our garbage into. Trees are constantly working for our benefit; it is the meaning of their entire life). And yet we do not properly appreciate them. In fact, it was trees that saved millions of people after the big tsunami that hit South-East Asia a few years ago. Trees are natural obstacles, and their roots grow very deep. Hence, moving objects would get stuck in the forests of Indonesia and avoid hitting the cities. The devastation was indescribable, but it could have gone much worse if not for the trees.

Parks with trees as social environments

Trees create social environments. Yes, you know what we are talking about – the parks. Trees create beautiful environments, which combined with perfect grass and some flowers set the ambience for a nice gathering of humans. We can hide under the shade of the trees and socialise, drink wine and enjoy the very fruits that our beloved trees produce. Why do people enjoy parks so much? If you think deep, it has much to do with the absence of wind. Yes, the parks are seldom windy places. Why? Because trees are natural windbreakers. Surround a nice green spot with trees, and you can sit in the middle without feeling as much as a gush of air.

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