Rare And Endangered Trees

When a species is endangered, whether in the animal or plant kingdoms, then extinction comes calling. To avert this danger, environmentalists have earmarked some of the rarest endangered tree species across the world, with the main aim of ensuring that they are protected. This way, eco-friendly campaigns have been organized globally to create awareness about the subject. Some of these trees include the Hinton’s Oak, St. Helena Gumwood, the African Blackwood, the Honduras Rosewood, and the Clanwilliam Cedar. Protectionist policies that have been proposed even include a total ban on all the wooden products made from such trees. Also, some countries have embarked on serious re-forestation, with seedlings of such tries being given the top priority.

Benefits Of Trees

Governments and non-government organizations across the world have always stressed that trees are an important natural resource. To justify this, there are several reasons why trees, whether naturally or artificially grown, are very beneficial to the world. Firstly, trees clean the air. Forest researchers have often referred to trees as the lungs of the planet Earth since they provide oxygen to all other living organisms. Secondly, trees act as natural filters of the underground water and natural river systems. Thirdly, trees act as a home to millions of wild animals across the globe. For instance, birds will always build their nests on well-covered tree environments. Also, trees are good for controlling soil erosion as they reduce the speed of run-offs, while at the same time holding the soil intact. With all these benefits it should be the policy of any government to promote tree planting.

Why The Global Need To Protect Trees?

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